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Crackling sound in my headphones

September 26, 2013 5:56:45 AM

First of all, hello and it's good to see you guys again :) 

So I'm hearing this weird crackling noise in my headphones/ speakers. It's not continuous, just sometimes when a new sound or bass plays, I hear a crack :/  I tried my headphones and my speakers on my mp3 player and they worked great so I'm pertty sure the problem is in my PC.

I recently installed Razer Synapse to get my Electra to work like it's 7.1 surround and I think that's about when I started hearing the noise. But If I close the program, the problem still occurs. I don't have a dedicated sound card so I'm using the one that's integrated in my mobo (MSI P43-T C51). I'm also pretty sure that my I/O panel is intact, unless all the jacks gave up at the same time...

Could it be the audio drivers? If so, where can I download new ones? I'm not very good with this stuff so please bear with me :D  Any help would be greatly appreciated :)