3 monitor eyefinity problem with xfx 6870

Hi All
Trying to setup eyefinity with 3 HP LP2465 monitors and an xfx 6870.

I've just received my mini dp to dvi active adapter and thought it would be easy.
Prior to the adapter arriving I already had 2 of the monitors working as an eyefinity group no problem. via the 2 dvi ports.
I've connected the third monitor via the mini dp port and adapter and eyeinfinity knows it is there but no matter what i try i can only get any 2 monitors to turn on at any one time
The lp2465's have 2x dvi ports which can be digital or analog.
I'm using 2 way digital dvi cables from the monitors to the cards dvi ports and another digital dvi 2 way cable from the 3rd monitor to the active mini dp adapter.

Like I said i can get any pair of monitors to work together but cant seem to enable the third.
OS is win 7 ultimate 64bit and the ccc and driver is 13.10beta
Any help appreciated
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  1. Can you post a link to the adapter? Some adapters may advertise that they are active, when they really aren't.
  2. Hi All
    Yes it seems to be the adapter
    Borrowed my sons Samsung 3d monitor which has a true display port and that and 2 of my hp monitors connected to the dvi ports worked straight away so it is the dp adapter I bought.

    Thanks for the reply

  3. No problem.
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