Found a strange video card???

Okay so it says that it's gtx 660 3gb model, but the video card that's in the picture looks very cheap and nothing like other nvdia's graphics cards.I found it on ebay the man who sells the computer has great ratings....
Product Name : GeForce® GTX660 3072MB
GPU : NVIDIA GeForce® GTX660
GPU Clockspeed : 900MHz
Memory : 3072MB
Memorytakt 1066Mhz
Ramdac : 400 MHz
Bus : PCI-Express 3.0
Cooling : 2-Slot Fan
Video-Features : HDMI
Connectivity : DVI + HDMI+VGA

Link to the ebay website:äte_PC_Systeme&hash=item589f5331f5
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    club 3d. foreign. good cards as far as I know. you'll have to do a history search on it. good thing for internet.
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