How are cooler master psu ??

Are they good or not ???
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  1. Very poor , except for the V-Series made by Seasonic.
  2. most are anywher from ok to bad but there v sereis is very good but outside of that i would stay away
  3. From very bad to excellent! you will have to know which one!
  4. How's is corsair tx series
  5. sahil02 said:
    How's is corsair tx series

  6. Here a link to Johnny Guru's web site; A search under cooler master turns up several different models that he has tested. Mixed results, but generally o.k.
    Some of the early Cooler Master PSU's were not very good, but they have made a concerted effort to improve their products.
    Shop carefully, read reviews (not just on the merchants web site) of the one you are interested in and then make an informed choice.
    At present the top quality brands/manufactures are Seasonic, XFX, Corsair, PC Power&Cooling, Antec, Rosewill CAPSTONE series.
    This link should also be helpful:
    and another,2913.html
  7. TX Series is good, but can you tell me that how much are you spending on PSU and how many wattage do you need. So, we can suggest some PSU for that particular price range.
  8. TX Series has been replaced by the RM units.

    CORSAIR units
  9. Yupp.. that is right, the RM series also is said to be extremely quiet, also has flat cables which are plus for cable management.

    Also below 40% load the fan does not run at all which makes it of course quiet.

    They are 80+ Gold and the best of all they have Modular cables.

    I am not sure how I almost forgot about the RM series.
  10. but they also cost more....
  11. I need for psu for core i5 4670 k and gtx 760.... So I think 650 w would be enough for it......
  12. My budget is between 4000-6000₹ (rupees)
  13. Please refer to this price list and tell me which is good psu under smps list
  14. I do not see any thing on that list that I really like but the Corsair VS550 is the only thing I would consider buying.
  15. Or else please suggest a psu .........
  16. Best answer
    For that budget, this is the best PSU that I am able to find. This is a really awesome PSU which is well known for its quality

    Get this for about 5000 rupees and you would be really happy with it.

    Seasonic S12II 620 Watts PSU :

    I hope this helps.
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