Mid-tower case for first build

I am assembling my first build, but i need a specific case, mid-tower size

i'm trying to find one that DOESN'T have a rear mounted vent, as i don't want to irradiate my wall, and there isn't really another place to put the tower.

i have a:
i7 4770k
ASUS z87 pro
MSI R7950 twin frozr (261 x 111 x 38mm)
1 dvd drive

can you recommend a case and accompanying fans? also a good fan controller?
Thank you!
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  1. I own the Storm Scout II and I don't think that's what he's after because the primary case fan blows out the back. OP could move the rear-mounted fan to blow out the top and drop in fans on the side and another one up top to compensate, though.

    OP, why are you opposed to buying a computer tower with a rear-mounted fan? What's wrong with hitting the wall with heat?
  2. that is nice, though sadly it does have a rear mounted vent from what i could see. maybe i'll just put a wooden board or something over the wall
  3. i don't really want to irradiate and ruin the wall behind it. Thats pretty much the only reason. i might just suck it up and protect the wall with some wood or something
  4. its just air coming out of the pc pal.
  5. i know, but i don't imagine its good for the wall. Wouldn't the paint peel/shrivel/mutate, and something nasty or other happen to the plaster?
  6. honestly it will not do anything to your wall pal i have had mine against my wall for 4 years and it is just as if it hadnt been there. the air is only slight and even if it was a gail force it would not damage your wall
  7. i meant more along the heat levels. I'm wanting to game on high settings, and not exactly for a few minutes at a time
  8. i know i game for about 8 hours pal the air is cooler coming out of my pc than the air going in........
  9. really? wow! you must have great cooling!
  10. not really pal... just 4 fans and stock coolers pal. i promise u nothing will happen to your wall
  11. If you think hot air from your computer is going to damage your wall, you are nuts.
  12. I got the NZXT Phantom Full tower case, for those curious
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