Can most cases be made to have positive pressure?

If I buy a case with a top mounted fan and set it to high so that it draws in more air than the other fans are blowing out, that would create positive pressure inside the case to keep dust out, right?

Obviously I would need a dust filter on top of the top fan.
However, I wonder if setting this top fan to high may make it excessively noisy. Has anyone tried doing this?

Some cases are purposely made to support positive pressure but they cost more and there are fewer selections.
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    If your case has meshed openings where there are not fan mounts it's difficult-to-impossible to induce positive or negative pressure. Most modern cases have open mesh in places other than fan mounts.
  2. yes a top mounted fan will be more noticably noisy,but depends on the fan itself and how quiet the actual fan is. i think most cases can be made to have positive pressure.if you have more cfm (cubic feet per minute) going in than you have coming out that is positive pressure.put simply,more fans as intake than exhuast create positive pressure.i have two large vents on the side of my case with no fans and if i put my hand beside them i can feel air coming out.thats positive pressure. you dont necessarily need lots of fans to do this either.i have one larger fan on the back as intake,and my psu fan as exhaust.not to mention the cpu and gpu fans. it will depend on your system how many fans you need and where they are placed.
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    Keep in mind that you cannot achieve positive pressure in a case with meshed surfaces or lots of openings.,3058-5.html

    The fact that you have those openings in your case means you do not (and can not) have any sort of pressurization. You will need to cover those openings (duct tape on the cheap) if you want to achieve positive pressure in your case.
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