Can I plug USB 2.0 case cable into a high current port?

I have a DH77DF motherboard and an Antec ISK 110 case. The case has two USB cables that connect four USB ports on the front of the computer. The problem is that the motherboard only has one 9 pin connecter so I can only connect one of the two USB cables. There is a yellow 9 pin port labeled that is a "high current USB" connector. Can I plug my other USB cable into that? Is it safe to plug a normal USB device into a high current USB port?
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  1. Yes. Those High Current Ports are there mainly for like External drives. Most of them have a USB Y cable that you plug into two USB ports to get enough power. With this you'll only need the one (Which in my experience though I've NEVER had to use the Y cable ever) but you should be good to use pretty much anything you need on this port. This is also a good port to use if you charge your phone or a USB device as well since it can either deliever enough power to keep the Battery at the same charge or allow it to be charge.
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