4gb's of ram but only 2gb's showing.

I have a windows 7 64bit os and i just bought four gigabytes of ram and on the bios and it the properties only 2gb of it is showing I've tried the ms-config fix and the memory remapping fix to. I've also tested both sticks of ram with an old 1gb stick of ram i had and 3gb's of ram showed up each time i did that I'm very confused and need help. Here is the link to the ram i bought
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  1. What is your motherboard make/manufacturer - and can it support 4GB RAM?
  2. this is my motherboard. It says it is supposed to hold up to 4gb's of ram
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    It should support the RAM - try this: Boot up with a single RAM stick installed (2GB), and make sure everything is operation. Then switch the RAM, and see if it still works (still 2GB).
  4. It is possible you have one back RAM stick.
  5. Please reply back to me once you get a chance i'll have to take the ram back soon if i can't get it working :(
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