Windows not booting, HDD in new system

So to elaborate, I recently purchased some new computer parts (mobo, CPU, RAM, video card,SSD) with the intention of transferring my Windows HDD to use in this new system. But when I hook everything up and tried to boot my system the following happened:


- Slowly boots the “Starting Windows” screen (the glowing orbs are very jittery) and then blue screens and restarts too quickly to read the error message.


- Windows enters the repairing windows screen and after some time is able to come out with an error report. Most errors simply read 0X0 but it does mention problems are caused by a recent change to system hardware.


- I have ran windows memory diagnostic with no errors found
- I have tried many of my restore points with no change in the problems


- A windows install disk (I bought my old computer off 2nd hand retailer who used mass licenses
- A windows repair disk or recovery materials of any kind (please don’t berate me on this I know better now)

So I was wondering how I could get windows to boot with this new hardware preferably without having to rebuild my old machine (a very annoying possibility)
I can provide my new parts models if need be

Thanks so much,
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  1. With the installation of new motherboard - you are going to have driver issues. Since you did a big upgrade, and also are going with an SSD, I would recommend doing a fresh install with only the SSD installed, and after Windows is fully functional (all updates installed), put the hard drive in.
  2. The bad news is that your Windows was very likely an OEM version that is not transferable to a new system so you will not be able to do a repair or full install and activate with the key that you have.

    The good news is that Newegg has an OEM Windows 7 Home Premium version on sale today.

    It is common that moving a HDD to another system will not work because the chipset and motherboard drivers are too different.
  3. So you see no way of transferring my old OS to my new machine?
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    Gavin Guinn said:
    So you see no way of transferring my old OS to my new machine?
    Not unless it is a retail version, but it is almost certainly an OEM version, as machine builders and all the OEMs like Dell, HP, etc. use the OEM version.
  5. Thank you, I will price match the new egg deal to a local store
    Much regards, Gavin
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