Netgear WNDR3400 (v1) - How to limit internet speed for streaming?

Dear friends

I bought a Netgear WNDR3400(v1) router about a year ago thinking it could manage the WiFi a little bit easier than all the rest of the routers. I thought QoS would manage that somewhat for me, so I can actually game without have to deal with constant 300ms latency. But I now hear that QoS only deals with LAN and not with the actual internet.

My questions... Is there a way I can limit the streaming from netflix and hulu or even wireless connections in general?

My internet at school downloads at 400kb/sec and my roommate has probably never heard of respect towards others. He keeps streaming NON-STOP (every day) and I can't game online for anything other than to deal with lag spikes or 250ms.

I know the possibility is to just block his MAC address, but that's not a good solution. I want something so he can still watch it, but doesn't take all the bandwidth away from me.
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  1. A little more background info needed:

    Do you live in the dorm?
    How is the school 400kb internet delivered? Wire, via a port in the wall, or WiFi?
    How is your router connected?

    And in general terms, gaming over WiFi sucks.
  2. I live in an apartment on campus but it has an external internet provider (they bought the apartments).
    The internet is delivered through cable and my router is connected with an ethernet cord to a cable modem. So I have my router connected to my cable modem.

    I do not use wifi for gaming, but my roommate does use wifi for his streaming. Even if his ps3 was wired.. it would still take most of the bandwidth.
  3. So you have a 400kb line, shared between two people and potentially more 'devices'.
    It will suck, no matter what you do.

    Presumably, both of you pay for the connection in equal amounts.

    1. Contact your provider and get more line speed (and pay the extra)
    2. Discover the joys of living with a roommate, and work it out. This is exactly the same as if one person was using up all the hot water every day, or always hogging the good chair.

    Work it out.
  4. Check whether your router is supported by alternative firmwares, like dd-wrt or tomato. These firmware releases have the capability to "shape" the traffic flowing through the router.
  5. I can install dd-wrt on it. it supports it. But I'm really scared since the program is a beta. AND I never done this before!
  6. Then - read the dd-wrt manuals for the version supported by your router, and go for it. Or talk with your room-mate (as someelse suggested), I am even wondering how he can get Netflix on 400kbps link,
  7. Kilobytes... not kilobits.

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