New here, question on motherboard ram size w/ cpu cooler

I have an asus p8z77 v lv motherboard and an aftermarket cooler evo 212, my questions is which ram will it fit the motherboard with this cooler which is pretty big in size( I don't wanna buy something to find out it does not fit), any and all recommendations are appreciated. I am looking for 8gb of ram with at least 1600 mhz. DDR3

Now then I have browsed for ram before and well it looks like corsair vengeance is pretty popular however it's to tall and might not fit with the evo 212 cooler.

This are rams that might seem as they fit however give me your opinions and I will greatly take them into account.

crucial ballistic sport 8 gb 240 pin
kingston hyper x 8gb
kingston technology hyper x 8 gb
and corsair vengeance 8gb

here are some links to amazon where i found them

any other recommendations will be greatly appreciated since I am new to pc building.

Thanks guys
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  1. Any of the ones you have linked will fit just fine.
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    Clearance issues only come into play if you are buying RAM with big (useless) cooling fins, and you need to use the slot closest to the CPU.

    Yours are fine.
    I have 4 x of the Corsair 4GB...same size as yours, and a Hyper 212 PLUS. No clearance problems at all.
  3. Thank you very much guys
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