Corsair hx620 handle GTX 760?

Wondering if this PSU.. (which I've had forever)

Can handle this card..

Also running: Intel z68 mobo, i5 2500k @ 3.3ghz, 2 7200 HDs, 1 dvdrom, 8gig ram. (all basic stuff)

The card apparently requires 500w, 12v @30amp but my PSU has 2x 12v @ 18amp (I think) so does that add up and qualify?

And if not, any recommendations on PSU upgrade, preferably something that could handle potential upgrades for the years to come?

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    Absolutely. Great psu and perfect for a 760.

    Edit - your psu has 3 x 18a rails - the 760 needs 2 x 6 pin PEGS - run one each from 2 of the rails and your good to go.

  2. Wow, I honestly wasn't expecting the good news. The value I've got out of this PSU is mind blowing.

    Thanks Mark.
  3. The 760 needs ~170w. You'll get about 75 from the pci e slot and the remaining 100 will be divided between two rails and will pull about 8a from each - perfect set up.

    A little iffy for future sli as you would need about 16a per rail - a little too close for comfort.
  4. I was running SLi'd 560Ti's on my HX620 for a couple of years and they were 170w cards and that same PSU is now running SLi'd 660Ti's.
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