Recommended 24" monitor for 2d Nvidia Surround

I thinking about investing in three monitors for a 2d Nvidia surround, thought I would ask the experts.

I don't want to break the farm, but don't want to go any smaller than 24" @ 1080P. Was looking at the ASUS VG248QE, amazon has them @ $266 per. Was also looking at the Benq RL2450HT, amazon has them at $184.99

Here is the dilemna, I heard the Benq is a great gaming monitor, but the bezels supposedly are thicker which doesn't lend well to a surround set up, The Asus is highly rated, but they are also 3d enabled, and appear to be a little pricier as a result.

I really don't want to invest in three monitors and not be happy with them, and I am not against 3d in the future, but response time and 120hz seem to be what I should be concerned with?

Any suggestions on other monitors to be had in this price range?


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    The big thing with 2D is Lightboost and the elimination of motion blur.

    Looking at the above review, the BenQ has better color "outta the box" meaning better calibration.....but the difference is mostly eliminated with loading the provided ICC profile. Ben Q has some ghosting issues but not everyone sees them.
  2. You really cannot go wrong with either one imo.
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