Gittery/choppy graphics on Radeon HD 6990


I've been having gittery/choppy graphics while I play some higher end games like Far Cry, and recently State of Decay. Other games like Civ 5, HoN, CoD, Borderlands 2 run fine. I can also hear my video card crunch at the same rate of the chopping of the video game.

Processor: AMD Phenon II X4 955 3.21GHz
Ram: 12GB
Hard drive: Corsair CSSD-F120GB
PSU: 850W OCZ Z-Series
Video Card: Radeon HD 6990 4GB

I've been doing some research online and have seen the following possible solutions. I've tried them all and it still persists.

Option 1: Old drivers conflicting with new drivers
I uninstalled all drivers, did a driver sweep in safemode and reinstalled new drivers.

Option 2: Windows 7 is slow
I purchased Windows 8, formatted, installed and installed new drivers.

Option 3: Not a powerful enough PSU
I tried unplugging all my hard drives but 1 to free up some power and the problem still persisted.

Option 4: Try enabling GPU Scaling.
Tried it and didn't seem to help.

Option 5: Disable cross fire by playing windowed
Tried it and didn't seem to help.

Option 6: Lower graphics settings
Same problem on all graphics settings and resolutions.

Option 7: Hard drive problem
Ran HD Tune Pro and everything seems fine

Option 8: There was another option with MSI Afterburner where you enabled something.
I can't find the page but I tried it and that didn't work either.

Open to suggestions to try next! Thanks!
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  1. Install the AMD 13.8 Driver, the new 13.9 driver does not include the Crossfire fame limiting software. AMD says 13.10 drivers will have it, but not 13.9. So give that a shot and see if it helps.
  2. I'm running 13.10 Beta. Sorry, I should have mentioned that. Do you mean 13.8 Catalyst Software Suite or the video driver? I have 13.9 Catalyst Software Suite currently installed.
  3. I would get the suite, gives you more control. But yes the 13.8, being Beta, the 13.10 are not entirely stable as of yet.
  4. When you say suite, am I only supposed to install one of them?
    Regardless I uninstalled the old Catalyst Software Suite 1.9 and installed 1.8 and still persists.
  5. Here is a youtube of what's going on
  6. So that's what your getting with the Catalyst Control Suite 13.8? Or did you just install the driver? If you did just the driver, get the Catalyst Suite.

    If that is with the CCS, what is your CPU usage when this is happening?
  7. That's with 13.8 in that video. I'm currently at a friends place trying out the card on his machine with 13.8. I will let you know how that goes. Until then, do you have recommended program for monitoring CPU usage?
  8. I ran a CPU meter while I was playing the game. This is what it looks like. One of the cores probably jumped up to about 95% at it's highest.
  9. How did the test go in the other machine? What processor do they have?
  10. Martell1977 said:
    How did the test go in the other machine? What processor do they have?

    The test was basically inconclusive. Neither played the game we tried overally well. He has a better CPU and a lower GPU. Overall his ran a bit better and my card in his machine ran better than my setup. If I have time again this weekend I'm going to go back and try it out again on a different game.
  11. Sounds like your CPU is bottlenecking the card :(

    Results will vary from game to game depending on demand on the CPU.
  12. Yeah it appears to be that way doesn't it. You seem to be a person of good computer knowledge. You have a recommendation on a CPU/Mobo? It's mainly for gaming. NCIX has a big sale on the following "5GHZ Bundle Deal AMD FX 9590 4.7/5GHZ Turbo CPU & ASUS Crosshair V Formula Z & Corsair H100I "
    However, people feel it's not that great even at half price. Would you recommend something like that or an i5 combo like this
    Or anything else for that matter.

    Also, given I have a AMD Crossfire card (two GPU on one card). Am I limited to only crossfire motherboards? Or can I use a SLI motherboard with that card and both GPUs will work?
  13. Sorry for the late response, but if still interested...

    What model is your motherboard? If its an AM3+ board, you could get away with just a CPU upgrade, like the 8350. However, you need to check the compatibility chart for the board.
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