Newbie needs help with fans

Hello guys, I'm very new to PC building. I am building my first build very soon, in about a week actually.

First off, here's some components of my build (The ones that I think matter when it comes to this)
CASE: NZXT Source 220
MoBo: ASRock Z77 Extreme4

My concerns are the following:
-How many fans should I put in my case and what size (it supports a few 140mm spots and a lot of 120mm)? It supports 8 I believe, how many of those spots should I utilize?

-What type of case air pressure should I go for? I live in a very hot climate, and cooling is an extreme concern of mine, I hear negative air pressure is better for cooling.

-My MoBo only supports 3 Chassis fans from what I read, does this mean I can only use 3? I heard you can hook them up to your PSU directly, is that possible with my PSU?

Sorry for the noobish post, I'm just very new & trying to figure out this whole fan situation because it's something I know nothing about other than a few things I googled about it.

Thanks in advance, I appreciate it :D

P.S. Sound really isn't an issue, I would much rather have a cool PC than a quiet one. Money however is an issue, my budget is very tight.
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    with a case your best set up is two fan in the front puling cool air in or two fans from the bottom of the case and two fans on the top pulling out. the two front case fans are for the hard drives to keep them cool. if your going with a lot of fans look to pick up a fan controller the cheap ones are just knobs or sliders. if you connect a 120mm fan to the power supply it going to run at it max rated speed and be loud. with a fan controller or using the mb headers you can have the fans slow down or turn off when not needed.
  2. Thank you for the help smorizio. In your opinion, would it be effective if I set my fans up like this:
    1 x 120mm fan in the rear. Set up as exhaust
    1 x 140mm fan in the top. Set up as exhaust.
    2 x 120mm fans set up in the front panel. Set as intakes.

    Would that be an effective setup?

    I believe this would make a Negative air pressure in the case, because it would be 120 and a 140 pushing OUT while it would only be 2 120's pushing in.
  3. that looks like a fine set up. as most case now have top grills to let heat from the cpu and gpu rise out of the case.
  4. smorizio said:
    that looks like a fine set up. as most case now have top grills to let heat from the cpu and gpu rise out of the case.

    My case actually has those grills, so that's good. I guess I'll put a 140mm in one of the top grills, and have the other grill just let air out passively.

    Also, would it be worth it to get a fan controller for just 1 fan? Because 3 of them would be able to connect to the MoBo, so I would only need to hook up 1 to the PSU, I've never used a fan controller so I don't really know.
  5. depending how good the fan ports are on the mb you may be able to use a y cable for two of the fans and run two fans off one port. if not cheap to pick up a 7v wire kit for a fan and have one of the fans run off the power supply at a fixed speed. they also make small resistor kits that you can set one fine up to a set speed.
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