New AMD Radeon HD 7850 2GB. Computer blackscreens on boot up.

I have a pretty new computer here are the specs.

AMD Radeon HD 7850 2GB
AMD FX-8120 3.1GHz
500W PSU
motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-78LMT-USB3

Little history for my computer.

My first video card that i got with the computer had some problem that caused my computer to randomly crash and restart. I unplugged my graphics card and hooked up my monitor to my mobo graphics card and my computer runs perfectly. Decided that it was a defective video card.

Get a replacement card of the same kind. Plug it in, and i get broken pictures, weird colors, weird symbols all over my screen during boot up. When it comes to the point where windows starts to load my computer restarts and does the same thing in a cycle. But computer still runs perfectly from my mobo card. So i send that card back in to get a new one from a different company.

I now just recieved a gigabyte AMD Radeon HD 7850 2GB and plugged it in. This time my computer just sits at black screen. Sounds like the computer is booting up properly but i have no picture.

(Things ive done already)

I've made sure its not a monitor cord issue
I've made sure my card is inserted properly into the mobo.
I've made sure my card's 6 prong power plug is in. (The two fans splin when i turn the comp on)
I've made sure my old drivers are gone.
The computer still runs off mobo card perfectly.

Im at my wits end here, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. it can be two issues. one it bios bug and the mb bios needs to be updated. two and most likly the error the power supply you have is a two or more rail power supply and the power supply 12v rail cant output the voltage needed for your gpus. or the power supply is a cheap or old unit and has gone bad.
  2. Is that PSU problem not being strong enough output for my GPU a normal issue, my computer was bought pre-assembled from ibuypower. So i assumed that its a new PSU with adequate power for my computer since its the stock GPU.

    I will check and update the BIOs and see if that helps.

    Any other suggestions i can do on my own before i resort to taking it into the shop. I dont want to send my computer in for repairs and be PC-less for 3-4 weeks.
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    post the make and model of the power supply. look at the lable on the unit. if it muilt rail unit is say 12v1 20amps 12v2 20 amps 40 amps totals or something like that. look to see how they broke the 500w down.
  4. what happened ..mine is doing the same thing
  5. this is driving me nuts although im suspecting a driver issue... but im still stuck
  6. I cleared my cmos and installed a new battery fix it . must have been something leftover from my old card so clear your cmos and see if that's works
  7. Just to say I am having the same problem with my MSI HD 7850 1GB. It worked fine for one day (so can't be a CMOS problem) then just booted to a black screen. Looking at the web there are so many people with the same problem with this card and others using similar chips set up - I think that a high proportion of these cards have a fault - mine is going back and I will not be buying another.
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