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I just bought a new cpu cooler (cooler master hyper 212 evo) and installed it myself. When I booted up my computer after the instalation there was an error saying that my cpu fan is not working. I tried to access the BIOS but a part of the screen is missing I can't even see all the options because the resolution is all weird. The thing is that my computer seems to be working fine, the fan is even spinning. I did some test by using some programs to read the heat of the cpu and the fan speed, none of them were able to read the fan speed and the cpu heat seems to go up the longer I do stuff like playing games. From the sound it makes the fan always seems to go at the same speed no matter what I do.I would like to know if I did something wrong? And how can I fix this.
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    What did you use for thermal compound? How did you apply it? Other than that I would check to see that the cpu fan was plugged into the correct MB header and properly inserted. Did you remove the old thermal compound and if so how did you clean the cpu?
  2. I used the thermal grease that they gave me with the cooler, I squeezed a bit out of the tube and I made sure it was just a thin layer like they said in the instructions. As for the old thermal grease there was still a bit left...I figured they were all the same, as you can tell it's the first time I install one of those. Would you suggest that I clean everything up and try again?
  3. Which fan header do you have heatsink fan connected to? Is the fan running very fast (As in is it making a loud sound), what are your CPU temperatures so I can determine whether it is a crucial matter or not.
  4. So I removed my cooler I cleaned up everything with paper towels and Q-tips with alcohol. Then I applied new thermal grease, putting a thin layer. Then I made sure everything was plugged in properly and now everything seems to be working fine. The fan was detected, and my heat seems to be between 50C-55C when I have a game running. I don't know what the problem was... Now when I applied the thermal grease there might have been a tiny bit that fell on top of the cpu. It doesn't seem like it's touching the pins as it is still on the top. Is that bad? I tried to clean it a bit but it's difficult.
    Thanks for answering me!
  5. That is good to hear, you have no worries unless the thermal compound is on the pins themselves. Well Done!

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  6. Perfect, no prob. with what you did. Proof is in the fact you have good temps, detected fan and no crashes. Good work on the fix:)
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