Why partition OS, data seperately (specifically for SSD)

Hey everyone. I've been reading about people partitioning their OS (and sometimes apps) on their own partition (or on a completely separate physical drive) with data elsewhere. Can someone please explain to me why they do this? How can the OS/apps communicate with the data partition, wouldn't this slow things down? Also, some of the reading always comment on having a HDD, I will be getting an SDD. Will that affect anything? Thanks and sorry for being a noob (I'm working on it).
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  1. SSD's are pricey and most people can only afford small one. They install windows and a few programs to the ssd and then install everything else to a Harddrive, especially games since they take up so much room..

    Installing a data partition or drive makes it easy to backup the stuff thats really important. You can reinstall windows if the old drive died but if you didnt back your pictures, game saves, etc then they're gone with the drive.
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