Changed from AMD to Intel (Mobo, Processor, Graphics card, Power supply) Having issues

I know this seems like quite the large first project for a first time builder, and it is. Really got into it and rebuilt a new system. I first upgraded the graphics card in an 2 year old system, realizing that processor for a lot of MMO games is huge so wanted to upgrade that. Then realized that AMD chips are weak and wanted to change that to Intel, then got to the mother board.. well you get the picture.

I feel the build itself went pretty well, The parts I installed were:
Z87X-UD3H motherboard
GTX660 graphics card
I5-4670 Intel Processor
CX600M power supply
Evo 212 cooling fan
kept the Ram the same 4Gig (2x2)

The only issues that came up were installing the CPU fan, i used Slightly too much thermal paste and a small amount crept out one side the width of a toothpick and i dont believe this was an issue. I was able to soak it with a small q tip.

First boot worked well, everything powered up the bios loaded. Booted from disk and began loading a fresh copy of windows. Then when i got into the operating system i started having frequent crashes. Usually taking place as i am loading the drivers for windows 7.

The first time this happened I got all the way to a point where i loaded and installed a game and started playing. As soon as there was high intensity the game froze and when the computer reloaded i recieved a system could not boot properly errror and system recovery couldnt restore the computer to a previous point which would load windows.

So i then reinstalled windows again, and working on the drivers now but experienced an early crash as well this time where the computer reset with literally no blue screen or freeze or anything, just reset.

One thing i thought was interesting was that when viewing the tempeture of the CPU using HW Monitor, it moves more frequently than it did before. Usually only 1 or 2 degrees celcius but does so every 1 or 2 seconds when idle. I haven't gotten to the point of doing a stress test but based on how unstable the computer looks i doubt it will last long. SO my questions are:

1) after making this major change from AMD to Intel, is there anything i need to do other than reinstall widows 7 to make it stable. I am not a Vet of computer making by any means, do i need to delete all the earlier partitions?

2) What is the best way i can diagnose my problem if it is possibly hardward related? IS there any way to test the health and performance of each individual hardware i installed so i can isolate what the issue might be?

Thanks for your help everyone!
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  1. check your temps, install some software for that. both cpu and gpu, try using 1 stick of ram also. in short try to isolate, you can remove the gpu also, temporarily
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