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I have HP laptop with a genuine windows 7. I want to format the whole system and reinstall windows 7 again. the HP tools are not working now after some windows updates. So I couldnt create a recovery disk. All I have is a genuine key. How can move further on this. where I can get Windows 7 home premium, so that i can install it and authenticate it with my key. is the torrent downloaded windows 7 is trustworthy?
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    What is the model number of your HP laptop? Most laptops have a recovery partition on the hard disk drive that will allow you to do a factory reset. You could check the HP site and look for a manual under Support. There should be directions on how to do a factory reset/restore.
  2. check from hp to see if you can hit a f key at post to enter os restore. a lot of oem keys wont work with standard windows os. if you want to try digital rivers is a lega sight that has windows iso that you can download.
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