Which one to choose- Asus H87M-E or Gigabyte H87M-D3H or MSI H87M Pro

Am not looking for Overclocking and hence will be using i5 4670
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    I'd lean towars the Asus, but either Asus or GB should be fine, won't touch MSI, poor QC and support
  2. Tradesman1 said:
    I'd lean towars the Asus, but either Asus or GB should be fine, won't touch MSI, poor QC and support

    okay, thanks for the info. I'll go with the Gigabyte H87m, as it is cheaper :)
  3. Let us know how the build goes
  4. Tradesman1 said:
    Let us know how the build goes

    Sure :)
  5. Tradesman1 said:
    Let us know how the build goes

    My first system was with ga-h87m-d3h..but I faced serious issues while connecting my smartphone/dongle for Internet. My monitor screen started showing rainbow effect and flickering..I thought my monitor is gone..And the Reltek 892 codec is a waste with the onboard 7.1 audio ports..Produces horrible listening really su*ked..
    Pros: parts are good on this mobo..Looks really sturdy but the mobo frequency balancing is not at all up-2-mark. Never expected from gigabyte.
    Now I dont hv any other choice other than to go with Asus or Asrock. Syability and after sales service are priority..
    Can u please suggest me between Asus H87M-E and Asrock h87 pro4 or Asus H87 pro.
  6. I'd go witht he Asus Pro first choice, then the Rock then the Asus uATX (the Micro ATX)
  7. INFO about the frequency issue that I mentioned earlier: "I spoke with the Gigabyte Guys and they are getting a lot of similar internet dongle connectivity issues from other consumers too.:pfff:
    Anyways I have returned my Gigabyte MOBO to the seller today..

    Anyways thanks for the inputs, friend..
    I mistakenly mentioned Asrock, but I definitely don't want to go for it as I want a perfect brand without any headaches.Better to go with Asus or Gigabyte.!!

    Now I have some more queries to decide upon my next MOBO asap as now I am without any mobo to run my cpu:pfff:

    ASUS H87 pro is around 10230/- INR and ASUS H87M-E is 8180/- INR.
    Is it worth paying 2030/- more for the ASUS Pro for getting these extra features :
    1) Display Port
    2) Optical S/PDIF out port
    3) CrossFireX support
    4) ATX form factor
    5) Five Audio Ports
  8. DO you have a need for any of the above, if not then get the H87M-E - the primary concerns would prob be if a true need for full ATX form factor - prob No, need for XFire support, again gues prob No since it doesn't appear to be a heavy OCing rig ;), then the optical SPDIF - and can just guess No, the audio ports if needed later could be added with a simple sound card and the Display port could go with an adapter if a real need ever arose
  9. Thanks tradesman,

    Your view point will really help in deciding.:bounce:
  10. No worries, let me know how it goes ;)
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