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I never had a challenge with vista when I wanted to transfer something o a usb so I could take it to my desktop to print. I am missing something re this on my 8. any help???
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  1. I should have mentioned that I do not have the option to send or save to anything but the desktop and tht is not always given as an option. for health reasons I do most of my work in my home on a laptop that I can connect with my work desktop/pc.this set up was with vista until new computers(pc and laptop)and printer had to be printed due to major electronic surge when a nearby substations power was interrupted due to copper thieves. it is with the new windows 8 that this deficiency was noted. when I am within accounting program and need to print a report from here I am able to do so. but when I print tax forms etc after completion I am unable to do so. copy and pasted to an email was going to be my solution but this has not proven successful either.
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