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I'm trying to build a small system which would allow me to get the best out of Railworks 4 and as I can't seem to get much info about I thought I'd ask on here.

As Railworks is CPU intensive and doesn't use more than two it's the most important bit;

i3-3220 @ 3.30GHz 2 cores or
i3-4340 @ 3.60GHz 2 cores or
i5-4670 @ 3.40GHZ 4 cores

I would be interested to know if there's any AMD CPUs which anyone could recommend!

I might be interested in overclocking if it's a *real* boost in performance/price ratio

I'm not looking to run it maxxed out, but I would like to get it as high as possible.

If it helps, the largest screen it will be played on is a 19" with a resolution of 1366x768
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  1. Hi beogram,

    Out of the ones you listed the i5 will be the fastest. Dual core CPUs are basically outdated for PCs. You should avoid them.

    There is also no real AMD alternative that could compete with the i5 in terms of performance on 2 cores.
    The quad core system will also be more future proof in case Railworks 5 support more CPUs.

    You must also consider a good GPU. I would recommend at least an NVidia 660 or an AMD 7850.. Also 8 gigs of RAM is pretty basic these days.

  2. i5 would be my choice as well. It will allow your system to still be usable without affecting your program that is only using 2 cores.
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