CM GX 750W vs Corsair HX 620

CM GX 750W vs Corsair HX 620 (Modular)

Which of the two PSU's are better?
Thanks guys!
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  1. The HX 620 is an older model . Is it even available still?

    Excellent psu , very quiet , made by seasonic and totally stable even at 700 watts
  2. Corsair HX is way better than Cooler Master GX.
  3. It is based on your need ~
    If u dont mind about the cabling management, u can get the CM GX750W
    If u mind it just get the Corsair HX 620 ~

    If I was u , I would go for Seasonic PSU better ~
    As their PSU known for quality ~
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    The Cooler Master GX series is not a good option. Corsair's HX 620 has been discontinued, though there are still options, like this one -

    Corsair HX 650 80+ Gold certified semi-modular PSU -
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