Trying to connect my laptop to the HDMI TV via the VGA conertor box but no joy

I have a Sony Vaio which only has a VGA output and bought one of the small converter boxes that converts the VGA to HDMI. Have plugged the VGA in to the Laptop and box and the HDMI cable into the box and the Panasonic TV. I have set up on the Laptop the secondary monitor with the resolution required for my TV. I have switched the TV to HDMI channel 1 but I am getting nothing on the TV just a blank screen. Any advice would be appreciated.
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  1. What box are you using?
  2. Garye

    I just had the exact same problem, seems not all HDMI is equal. The converter manufacturer told me ....

    " this converter does not work with the HDMI chipset in Panasonic TV's."

    I returned the converter for a full refund and now await delivery of another converter, will let you know if this one works.
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