*FIXED*ASUSGTX 560 TI Windows7 Black Screen have to kill explorer.exe and restart it

Lets start with specs:

ASUS Sabertooth 990FX MOBO
AMD FX-8120 3.1 8-core (OC @ 4.1) CPU
ASUS GTX 560 TI 1GB 256-bit GPU
Thermaltake Black Widow 850W PSU
8GB 12800 HP RAM
SAMSUNG 840 Series 250GB SSD
320GB 7200RPM Backup HDD

Supplied specs should be sufficient.

I have been running this system for the past 10 months or so everything bought brand new. I boot up one day it loads windows and says Welcome with the spinning circle then goes to load the desktop and just loads a black screen with my curser(that i can move around and everything). The only way i can get to my desktop is to ctl + Shift + Delete(or ctl + Alt + Delete; what ever your preference) and open task manager. Then from there have to end explorer.exe then start it back up again, whala desktop comes up im able to run the pc like normal no problems or issues what so ever once i've ended and restarted explorer.exe. I've looked around online and tryed various thinks like regedit making sure my shell startup is explorer.exe, i've also uninstalled my graphics card driver let windows update install the driver again. Uninstalled the driver again, went out to ASUS website and got the driver from them and installed to no avail. I mean my pc still works its just anoying to have to kill explorer.exe and restart it. I've also scanned for viruses via malwarebytes and also Microsoft Security Essentials.

Just wondering if anyone has any input on this to help? Anything Helps! If i've failed to mention important facts please let me know.

Thanks for your time,
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    Sounds like Explore may be corrupt, Try opening a command prompt as administrator and run the command SFC /SCANNOW that runs the System File Checker and will replace the Explorer file if it's corrupt or infected with a ggod copy of it
  2. Thanks tradesman1,

    I ran SFC /SCANNOW and it came back with no currpt files. However, I powered on over the weekend and let it boot went and did some other things then when i came back it had my desktop with a System restore dialog "You've just restored from restore point XXXX" Im guessing that when i did a restore point I didn't let it fully complete the system restore and it was hanging for a moment, and me being the impatient person i am didn't want to wait for it t complete so i was killing explorer.exe and restarting it. Everything seems to be good now after reboots and fresh power ons my desktop comes up now. So it pretty much fixed itself.

    Thanks for your time.
  3. Glad to hear it, have some fun now!
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