Would a HD7970 GHz Edition Vapor-X 6GB DDR5 384-bit work on my setup?

Would the above graphics card work properly on my setup? as in fit and not bottleneck performance?

AMD FX-8350 4.0 GHz 8-core Socket AM3+
Seasonic SS-650HT 650W bulk
Gigabyte 970A-DS3 Socket AM3+
Carcasa Thermaltake Versa II
Noctua NH-D14
Corsair Vengeance 16GB Kit 2x8GB DDR3 1866MHz
4x120mm fans inside the case (couldn't fit any more)

Also any chance that i might be able to use a 7990 on this setup without problems? (i doubt it since the psu is only 650W but i am not sure)
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  1. Yes it will work but you do not need the 6GB version if you are playing on a single monitor. That PSU will handle HD7990 except for stress testing
  2. not sure why you want the 6gb setup even with 3 monitors you wont use more than 3gb.

    as far as ive seen you need a nice overclock on your cpu to get the best performance.

    if you play alot of cpu intensive games like crysis or bf3 with 64 players you will notice the difference of a higher cpu clock but it will run both those cards fine

    for me the highest ive seen with best performance is 233 fsb 19.5 or 20 x forget which adds up to 4.660 ghz at 1.46 for me and that let me keep me close to my 1866 ram speeds.

    you may be able to use lessvoltage than me sinc ei have an 8320 but any less voltage causes my gpu utilization to not stay at max and fails on tests occasionally
  3. rolli59 said:
    Yes it will work but you do not need the 6GB version if you are playing on a single monitor. That PSU will handle HD7990 except for stress testing

    I plan on getting a 3 monitor setup at 1920 each and in the future a 4k screen once content starts rolling out for that resolution.

    The setup is more for what is to come rather than whats already out and considering the latest news regarding gaming and technology i see a bright future for games and software in general.

    Also is it safe to understand that a 7990 will run fine unless pushed to the max? (which i doubt i will) but if i do get one and the current psu and it gets pushed would it be safe? is it automatically restrained from doing so? (wouldn't want to accidentally fry it)

    Also if i want to push the 7990 are there any external power alternatives or would i have to get a new psu?
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    I would get a quality 750 watt for the 7990 gaming on it with quality 650 looks fine in the link I posted but who knows about future games. A single 7970 is going to be lacking power to drive the 3 monitors but 2 with 3GB will no problem. If you are thinking about what is to come wait until we know the power of the new AMD R9 290X which is supposedly coming to the market next month.
  5. i have this gpu (sapphire 7970 6gb) and i play on 3x 1920x1080 , i play mostly bf3

    i have 1090t 6core as the cpu , 3cores at 80% en 3cores at 60% during 64player MP bf3 so the 7970 is the bottleneck - it was on 99% - even on my weaker cpu as yours , but it runs smooth as hell in 64player MP , no need for crossfire at least not in bf3

    battlefield 4 beta was a whole other story there 6cores all at 95% , but there was an update of the beta after that it was 6cores at 80% , and ofcourse the gpu at 100% , but frames where way lower than bf3 it was not smoot at all , but i think it is just the beta , also people say that bf4beta played much better on windows 8 and i played on win7 64bits

    bf3 never uses 3gb let alone 6gb , but one commenter above says 6gb is a no go for these 3 monitors , that is bull cause bf4 beta used 3,3gb vram , but that was with everything on ultra AND 4x msaa and that msaa eats vram without it the game used 2,6gb vram

    on guru3d you see that crysis 3 on 1 1920x1200 (so a little higher resolution than 1080) can use up to 2,2gb vram , so 3monitors crysis 3 will use about 4,4gb vram - yes i know resolution is x3 and i say vram x2 but that is my experience with 1920x1080 vram usage versus 3x 1920x1080 vram usage it only doubles instead of the 3le vram usage you would expect

    i really think at this resolution even an titan would be the bottleneck

    i am glad i have the 6gb version , not even 4gb cards would be good for me right now , so the only cards are my 7970 6gb OR a titan 6gb OR the "new" amd 280x which is a rebranded 7970 but so far there are no 6gb versions so it is not ok for now OR as mentioned above 290 and 290x which start with 4gb but rumours say there will be 6 or 8 gb versions of them
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