HDTV is glitchy when showing PS2?

So recently i decided I wanted to get a PS4 when it came out and checked if my TV/monitor could handle it. Turns out it is HD (Samsung la22b450c4d - BTW could anyone reassure me that this could handle a PS4?). So that gave me the urge to reconnect the PS2 and noticed my TV displays it shockingly. It looks all jaggedy the models and it just sucks. What do I do and will i need a new TV/monitor for a PS4?

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    If i read the Samsung page right, you have a 720p screen(it is HD, but not "full" HD).

    I am not 100% sure, But I would hope PS4 will do 1080p(at least on some games. PS3 and Xbox360 did some up scaling on games and such).

    Your TV will work and still look WAY better than PS2(a rather low resolution system by today's standards.)

    A 1080p TV may be best, but that depend on the resolution of the games in the future.
  2. Thanks for replying. Did u have a solution for how i can manage to increase the quality for the ps2 while im still playing it?
  3. Unfortunately not. Some TV's just do not handle lower resolution video that well. To add to this the video is interlaced requiring the tv to DE-interlace it.

    Honestly if you have an old CRT(tube) tv kicking around, connect the PS2 up that that. It was made for those types of screens.

    Edit, Do you have the PS2 Component cable? That may look better.
  4. Nah im not gonna use another tv. A ps2 component cable? Isn't that the one that comes with it and u have to use it mandatorarily?
  5. Its the one that has Red Green Blue rca for video and Red White for audio.
  6. um...u mean red white and yellow?
  7. nickdiaz said:
    um...u mean red white and yellow?

    Component is red, blue and green the yellow is composite which will give you a fuzzy picture.
  8. It looks like this :) You can get one at almost any store that sells games now.

    You may be able to get progressive scan out of some games too.

    As for how much difference, It depends on the game to be honest. SD signals do not always look good on hd screens.
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