How do I make my access point network work (share IP over several devices)?

Hello all.

UPDATE: See post below
I have a problem I have tried researching but there isn't alot on the internet so I'm asking you instead. I have my stationary computer connected to the internet via a cable in the wall, and I would like to share this internet connection wirelessly to my smartphone and my laptop. Both the stationary computer and the laptop is running Windows 8 while the smartphone runs on android. I do not want to buy an expensive router and I'm unsure it would even work, at least it would create problems as my internet provider wants MAC-adress, etc. and I would have to supply them with that info from the router instead of the computer, and them fixing it would take at least a week. I want to know if there's an easier way.

Currently I have a bluetooth dongle connected and I have managed to pair the Win8 laptop to the computer but I can't manage to get them to share internet. Basically it would be nice if it could just surf "through" the stationary's internet without the laptop having to have it's own I.P, and from my novice understanding that is called an ad-hoc network or PAN and it should work over bluetooth. Is it possible to make this to work and how do I do it in that case? If not, I should be able to make it work with a Wi-Fi dongle, right?

Thanks beforehand!
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  1. Ok, sorry for the late update. I'm going to be more specific. I bought a Wi-Fi dongle, Realtek Wireless LAN 11n and downloaded the Wireless Lan utility for it. I can create an access point with it and I can find the network with both my android phone and my windows 8 laptop. However, IP-adresses are not being given to the devices and they have "limited access". This could be because my Internet Provider wanted my MAC adress and IP so it only works with it. I am now wondering if anyone here know of a way to share the host computers IP with the other devices. I know for sure this is what is happening when I use my android phone as an access point so this is possible in theory. How do I do it with windows?
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