I have HUGE problem with integrated sound card,plz help...

I have Asus p5ld2-vm/s motherboard for almost two years,and i still can not figure why integrated sound (Realtek ALC888) is not working.My problem is this: When i bought motherboard,everything except sound was working good.When i plug in cable from my speakers into rear speaker out(any of 6 out's),sound card recognize that i plugged in cable,but there is no sound.When i open volume control i can see that bar is jumping,but no sound.I thought rear sound is not working because i didn't put any jumpers or cables for front panel,but after that "I think" i have tried every single combination with front panel cables and jumpers,again no luck...I was able to find somewhere on the internet something like this "To enable rear sound you have to disable front panel detection in sound card control panel",something like this...

But i don't have that option at all,i only have option below that one "Enable auto popup dialog...",and front panel outputs (green and pink) are marked as active (they are not grayed out like on a picture)...
Now i'm using PCI sound card,and it's working good,but it's getting on my nerves because integrated HD audio is not working(it's 5x better than mine PCI sound card)... :(
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  1. There might be damage to the traces (wires) on the motherboard as they often run from the bottom-left of the mobo up along the edge to the rear panel outputs.

    I've got a board with just that damage, it was caused by the metal backplate of a GPU scratching the mobo just enough to damage one of these extremely fine "wires".
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