Why does my computer keep freezing up?

Why is computer locking up and why is no report being generated and sent in to microsoft? Im using windows 8 and plays BF3, Crysis 2 etc. Game is not lasting very long b4 freezup. I use windows defender. Also, Realtek HD Audio sometimes causes problems, I have it disabled so headphones work.
System is AMD Phenom II 3.2 GHz, AMD Radeon 7970 graphics and 16 GB ram. 64 bit windows 8. To be honest I have been running on Windows 8 for about 6 months and have had a few problems but they had seemed to be fewer of late.
Any ideas,
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  1. turn off windows auto updates.
    turn off auto driver updates.

    uninstall amd hd hdmi audio from device manager. reboot.
  2. Done as suggested swifty. Thanks for the quick reply. It still locked up after a few minutes.
    I also note that I am using a Razer headphone set recently and computer does not recognize it until I unplug and replug back in.
  3. it has to be a driver issue. what sound drivers show up under sound in the control panel/sound drop down menu?........... and when you plug in the headphones, do you make sure any other driver is disabled or that particular driver is enabled?
  4. Volume Control Options shows 6 different sound devices-
    1-5 Digital Display Audio (AMD High Definition Audio Device)
    6-Speakers (Realtek High Definition Audio Device)

    It is showing the Razer headphones when I start up but if I unplug USB and plug back in then it shows them.

  5. get rid of the amd hd audio. try removing through device manager or add remove programs.
  6. i have removed all and am still having in game freeze and computer did not find headphones until I plugged them in again. Not sure what I've got going on
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    if you use Realtek keep them enabled.

    then try
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