Moving Dell XPS 8500 to CM HAF 912, also PSU question

I noticed that there's a sale on the CM HAF 912, and I wanted to know something before I dive in and get it.

I just would like to know if the OEM motherboard lines up with the standoffs in the new case. I would also like to know if the stock PSU is able to be used in that case with the same motherboard, as in would all of the cables reach where they need to be, or would they need extensions? If they do need extensions in order to reach, I'll just purchase a new PSU as well, for sure.

As for the PSU in mind, I'm looking at the 550W CM eXtreme Power Plus RS-550-PCAR-E3. I know these cheap PSUs aren't the best, but it's on sale, and within my price range.
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  1. Well now that Dell moved away from BTX cases the Mobo lining up should be fine. As for as the stock PSU the XPS case is smaller than the Haf 912 (I got a Haf X and its huge and i need to get some longer cables so i can route them behind because i hate looking at cables lol) and i doubt the PSU cables will reach because they are made to be JUST long enough for the XPS case. So i would get another PSU.

    And what is your price range for PSU?
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