Will HD7750 run on my generic (techwill brand) 500w PSU w/ 12amps on 12v rail?

My system specs are:

OS: Windows vista ultimate 32 bit
PSU: 500w Generic PSU 12amps~12v (techwill)
CPU: Intel Core 2 duo e7500 ~2.93Ghz(stock speed)
RAM: 4gb ram, 2pcs 2gb ddr2
Optical Drive: samsung (really dont know the specs)
Current Vcard: Nvidia Geforce 9500gt

Well here is the thing my 9500gt is dying because it now displays a load of artifacts. from colorful dots to a bunch of wide horizontal rectangles. Im considering to replace it w/ a brand new HD7750

Reason: HD7750 is much faster affordable and almost has the same low power of 55watts compared to 9500gt which has the power of 50w.

I just want to know if HD7750 will run on my PC without burning or causing any major problem thanks.
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    No I definitely would not.
    I cannot believe they call that 500w. 12V*12A = 144 watts on +12
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