PLEASE help which graphics card is better !!!

im going to make a custom pc and want to play in high ,ultra setting. im really confused between the graphics cards ! please help !
here are the links to the graphics cards in which i am confused !


GIGABYTE 650 ti (1gb)

Sapphire AMD HD7770 1 GB

im really confused by the companies ! sapphire , radeon ,nvida ! do all of them give the same performance ?! and should a buy a core i5 or my core2 quad core 2.67ghz is good ? PLEEAAASSEEEE HHEELLPP! !! ill be really great full !
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  1. The 7790 should be the fastest out of those cards.
    Keep in mind there are only 2 companies actually designing video cards, AMD and nVidia. The others (Gigabyte, sapphire, etc) take those boards and customize them with their own coolers and maybe modify clock speeds/outputs/...
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    the gigabyte hd7790 is the fastest card you listed and will work fine with your core2quad. just make sure you have the latest bios update to your computer.
  3. will ill be able to run assassins creed 4 and watch dogs in high ?
  4. depends on the resolution. at 720p, it might. of course your cpu does have something to do with it too.
  5. okay so core 2 quad core 2.67
    hd 7790
    about 8 gb ram
    will run ac4 , watch dogs in high ?! sure :S im going to buy it then ?
  6. moodyzxy said:
    okay so core 2 quad core 2.67
    hd 7790
    about 8 gb ram
    will run ac4 , watch dogs in high ?! sure :S im going to buy it then ?

    not 100% sure. AC4 is supposed to be a very single threaded title... and very cpu dependent. that's why i'm not being more certain about it. your cpu certainly will play a roll in how good the game will play, and may become the bottleneck after you upgrade the gpu.

    Yes the 7790 should be more then good enough to play those games on Ultra at 720p frankly it might even be enough to play those games on high at 1080p... the trick is i don't know if your cpu will be up to it or not. If you get this gpu and still can't play those games then i would understand if you were upset. Someone else might know, but i don't.

    The gpu will be good to go. your cpu on the other hand? i don't know.
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