Looking for a budget gaming laptop under INR 40k

Hello all !

I am planning to buy a new laptop next month. My budget is INR 40k.
So I came across this one:

Its got i3 3120m, 4 gb ram (I'll upgrade it to 8), 1 GB amd 8750m.

Will that be enough to run games like BF3/4, Crysis 3 at medium/high settings at 1366x768 ?
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  1. That one seems to be the best at that price. Game-Debate says the graphics card should be enough to run BF3 and Crysis 3 at medium-high settings, but BF4 may suffer from low FPS. The i3 may have a tougher time as well, but the games should be playable.
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    The differences between i3, i5, and i7 are that the i3 has a static base clock, the i5 has a boost clock (will do so automatically when needed), and the i7 is a quad core and has a boost clock. Definitely go for the i5, but the 7670m is not better than the 8750m or 8670m.
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