Troubleshooting Corsair H55 watercooler overheating problems? Help

I recently switched my stock heat sink out for a new corsair H55 watercooler, after having it installed I went from idling with stock heat sink between 29-32c up to 35-37c. Also after running some online games that I normally play fine my computer would crash after about 15 min of playing. I have not looked at how high my temperatures are getting when it crashes(dont really know how to).

Now my problem is, that when installing after taking my old heat sink out I cleaned off the old thermal paste, and put more on the cpu, I didnt realize however that the new heatsink had it pre applied on the copper. Can overdoing the thermal paste cause overheating? Have I installed it wrong or need to adjust the retention? can scratching the copper cause problems?

MY pc specs are

CPU : AMD A8-3870k
8 GB Corsair RAM
500 W coolermaster PSU
500 GB western digital HD
Corsair H55 watercooler
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  1. Reinstall with just one layer of paste
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    Too much thermal paste and not cleaning the old stuff before installing the cooler would cause overheating.

    Best bet is to get some new thermal paste and clean both the cpu and cold plate(pump unit) and try to reinstall it with fresh thermal paste.
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