Which headset should I buy and do I need a soundboard?

My current Sennheiser is breaking down after 5 years so I'm looking for something new. I initially bought a Corsair Vengeance 1500, but after I had tried one did not like it and returned it. Therefore I'm thinking of getting a Sennheiser, I just do not know what suits me best.

- PC 350 vs PC 360
- PC 323D vs PC 333D

I'm leaning towards the PC 360 because it's highly regarded everywhere. I'm wondering, however, what the difference is with the PC 350?

I'm also looking at the Sennheiser PC 323D or 333D as an option because they come with a virtual 3d driver. I only have an onboard sound card (an ASUS H87M-E with onboard Realtek ALC887) and do not know if that is enough to get some decent sound out of the 360. Should I opt for the PC 323/333, or go for the 360​​?Ֆ


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  1. I can also suggest getting one of the zennheisers without a mic (the ones that are strictly sound) and then just getting an indipendant microphone.

    Like the Yeti Pro for example.

    If you live in the US there is a sale right now on eBAy (I wish I lived there so I could take advantage of it)

  2. Not sure what your issue with the 1500 was so normally I would recommend the 2000 because it has nice 7.1 sound, it is wireless, and is USB so you don't need to buy a sound card. If you're just trying to avoid Corsair, I suggest Creative's headsets, they have great sound and you can find them with surround, USB, and wireless.
  3. Idk I love my RS220's but to get back to your original question as far as I know the 360's make up for what the 350's were lacking. Which is bass & treble, as we all know Sennheiser's sound is unmatched in the headset department, but many other manufacturers beat them in the bass & treble department since that is their weakest trait at this point in time. The 360's seek to remedy it and even though it is a great increase in quality there are still some headsets that beat them in that department, BUT none can stand equal to sound quality so the 360's are just like a slightly better upgrade over the 350's if you enjoy dubstep, house and all that stuff the bass will be important. For general gaming no base is fine (my RS220's do great and their base is lacking tremendously, but the sound quality sounds like my ears are walking on clouds :) )

    As I said though look at the HD700, Momentum black and just get a mic (it might also be a good option, that's the only reason I mentioned it, was just busy so wasn't in the mood to look up the name of the new 1 I just have the picture on my phone (Momentum black))
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