About to die... external hard drive recognized as a device but cannot access information

Hey folks! I'm an undergrad in the midst of her semester BEGGING someone to help me!

I HAD a Toshiba that ran perfectly fine but the LCD screen blew on it and I wasn't about to spend 100$ on a 6 year old computer. I got a new computer, Acer, running Windows 8 (which is a big step down from my Ubuntu but I needed it for my experiments to run and the uber games).

So to problem is this: I have the hard drive hooked into an external drive that works great. I can hear the hard drive run and it works on another computer. It's a NextStar and it gets power from an AC adapter. When I look into device manager, it is recognized under a disk drive.

I have uninstalled and unplugged, and uninstalled and restarted but nothing works. I need the data. Or I die. I always download onto my cloud it's weekly and, guess when trial runs started...

I can go onto my other computer and download onto a usb drive but... I'd rather not. My data is quite large.

I hope someone can help :)
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  1. Try this. Right click on Computer and then go to Manage. Under manage click on Disk Management. In there you will see your Disk Drive 0 which is your OS hard drive. See if there is another hard drive listed. Maybe its not giving a Drive letter. If you see something listed but no drive letter right click on it and click "Add drive letter" and see if that helps
  2. I have't been able to add a letter... it won't give me the option. :(
  3. what color is the bar in on that hard drive? Black, blue, gold ect. also what kind of partition does it lable it as if it does like RAW NTFS FAT32 ect
  4. Blue and primary partition.
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    Can you take a screen shot of disk management and post it?
  6. Here it is:

    ***Does the fact that it was running a Linux operating system a problem?
  7. To access a Linux drive from Windows you can use this...
  8. Thanks S Haran! It worked GREAT!!! But I'm going to choose drtweak who's been helping me through the whole thing and it was my fault for not mentioning this crucial detail until the last minute.
  9. Wow. I must of somehow skipked over that he had linux. Could have told you want to do the first post had i read that hahaha
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