Headphones don't work with: ASUS XONAR DG Headphone Amp & PCI 5.1 Audio Card

Hi guys,
So I've had this sound card for about a few months now and since then I've only used speakers with them. But now I've been trying to use headphones but none of them work? I've tried, in ear bose, sensenheisser, iphone ones and just recently a Planatronics rig Headset. When I plug in directly into the back of the sound card the sound is actually present in the form of jibberish. It is scratchy and you literally cannot understand a thing. The mic doesn't work at all but if I use the mic on my logitech c920 then there's no problem.

All sound drivers are updated, everything is plugged into the motherboard correctly, everything is plugged into the back correctly and if I take out my sound card and use my motherboard's og sound function then everything is fine, so I can only assume it's the soundcard? Any help with this one would be appreciated!

oh and yes, speakers (Creative Inspire T3130 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System) work fantastically with the sound card. The only thing that doesn't work are any forms of headphones.
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    Sounds like the headphone amp is blown on the card. Some of the higher end XONAR cards have a socket-able op-amp but this one does not so you are probably dead in the water on the headphone channel of that card. It might just be a 5.1 soundcard now.
  2. unfortunately.. I think you're right. LOL
    What a terrible outcome for a pretty good sound card. but in the meantime, thank you for your reply haha
  3. Charles Nguyen said:
    Hi guys,
    Any help with this one would be appreciated!

    The Asus Xonar does not auto-detect when a headphone is plugged in. You have to change that setting manually. Try that and let me know if it worked.
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