Extremely loud popping sound from all USB ports, MY DARN EARS HURT!

Ive been getting loud and sudden random popping and crackles often with my USB Dac. Music run off a USB External device or on my primary SSD showcase these pops at random times, very loud and harsh. The Dac works perfectly fine on other pcs and was sent into the manufacturer for repair due to me thinking it was broken. They couldnt find anything wrong and sent me a new one just in case something was up.

I have no idea what is causing this, but the problem originally started with any of my usb 2.0 ports being fed from my external music hard drive. My Rosewil x16 USB 3.0 ports never had any issues until today. When the Dac is selected in Foobar2000s devices as what is being used to play the music, I always got this popping and crackle on the 2.0 ports, all 10 of them. I had to use the 3.0 ports, which are not working anymore and producing that same popping. Music works perfectly with I select my monitors audio output. When I copied the same tracks onto my SSD for playback, the problem is still there. So, I feel the Hard Drives and cables can't be the core of the problem.

This Dac works perfectly on another pc with the same gear and files. So, I am truly lost as to what is causing this problem on my pc only. It can't be the Dac if it is working on another PC without a problem using the same files and setup, and its not the hard drives because they play the music perfectly with anything else not using the WASAPI codec output. All the same files work perfectly with my portable music player, and using this same dac as the amplifier for it. So, I am lost.

WASAPI output works great on another pc, but not on mine? I assumed it was my mother board that was the problem, any advice? I've reinstalled and upgraded from windows 7 to 8, as well as buying a totally new SSD. All the problems remain even on the new hard drives and fresh OS install. What the heck?
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  1. You know, I was going to suggest reinstalling the usb, as well as the audio drivers. But all that should have been accomplished when changing windows OS. I would say (shooting in the dark) try that anyways, or trying a different audio software player. Maybe try to update them. But I honestly believe it is some kind of cross interference on the motherboard that's causing the issue is what is sounds like to me. It happens on ALL usb ports? I'd say the best way to nip it in the butt if it is a motherboard interference issue, get a sound card. It may bypass what could be causing the issue, hardware wise.
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