USB Flash Drive recognized but unspecified! Need Help!

Hey all, my girlfriends having some serious problems with her usb drive. She keeps a lot of her important data on it (not exactly safe... I know.) and it started acting up today.

Anyways, when I insert the USB drive my computer recognizes it but fails to install the drivers.

It ends up looking something like this where it doesn't show up on Computer Management. is the USB drive in question.. I've tried looking for support drivers online but to no avail.

I would really appreciate any help on this issue. I'd hate to have to resort to sending this to a specialist if I didn't need to. Thanks again guys and girls!
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  1. on your pc make sure your motherboard chipset drivers are updated to rule out a bug. if the stick does the same on her pc she can try running
    see if it can recover her data.
  2. Thanks for your answer!

    I tried Recuva earlier but Recuva can't locate the USB Drive and I can't assign a drive letter to the drive to get it recognized.

    I am going to update my chipset drivers but I have the same problem on my laptop and her pc as well.
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