Lenovo Y510P CD/DVD Drive for Ultrabay?

I just purchased the Lenovo Y510p that only comes with the extra graphics card and not the DVD drive. The sales guy told me that I could purchase one online anywhere or Lenovo's website, but I can't seem to find any for the Y510p... any help?
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  1. You mean like this one? Not sure if its the exact right one though.
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    Just get any generic USB DVD burner. You can get them on Newegg for around the ~$50 range.
  3. Did you ever find one? Because I been looking and calling Lenovo asking if and when I can purchase one and all they keep telling me is "not at this time". I am so frustrated, I would never have bought this computer if I knew I'd never be able to buy the DVD ultrabay. I will never buy another Lenovo again since I feel I was misled in the capabilities of the y510 and their continuing skirting my questions of whether or not this ultrabay will come out. Beyond upset about this!
  4. It is a german Website, but you could try to contact them
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