New HD monitor causing CPU overheating

Hi guys,
I have an overclocked i7 with 12GB ram that I can push forever with no heat problems. I have two vaporX 5870's in X fire. Today I got my Korean HD 27" 2560x1440 display running multi with another 20". Works like a charm. Started playing COD Black Ops2 and found my CPU temp climbing. Finally crash.
I'm not supposed to be able to use the 5870's on these monitors with bypass, but like I said, it works fine except for gaming heat.
Do I need to upgrade my graphics card(s)?
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  1. check for dust.
  2. I just had everything apart and replaced the heat sink compound. Clean as a whistle. I haven't put the side of my tower on, so air flow shouldn't be a problem.
  3. Wondering if stressing the GPU's is causing the CPU to overheat. Possible?
  4. doubt it, sounds like maybe you didnt apply the thermal paste correctly?
  5. also, what i7 do you have? and what are you temps before crashing?
  6. Sounds bad I know, but I don't know. What I did see though is that my CPU monitor gauge that never cracked 20% was at about 65%. Found that very odd.
    I replaced the compound about two months ago and have been gaming several times. Never had a problem until I added this monitor today.
  7. i7 975X OC to 4.0
  8. if its a stable overclock, you shouldnt have any problems with load, especially 65%....

    what are your temps when crashing???
  9. Just tried to replicate and only had temps of 65C and usage spiking up to 80% but staying at about 65%.
    No crashes. Figures. I put the game resolution at max and still didn't crash.
    But it still seems strange that the CPU has sooo much more usage with this monitor set up.
    I'll have play with this some more and report back.
  10. it should have more usage. crashing thou is something it shouldnt be doing.
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