What's the most efficient or more effective first and second upgrade for my low end build?

My low specs are:

Intel G1610 (like I said i just want a computer at the beginning)
Corsair XMS 4GB 1333Mhz
500gb WDC Caviar blue
500w FSP Supersonic
GT 630 2gb DDR3

The computer is supposed for gaming, but we decided to just get a normal computer. altough we can play some games at decent fps like 28+ fps not everything on high.

we want to change the processor and the video card. we want an i3 3210 and hd 7770. what is better? the proccesor fisrt and video second? or vice-versa?
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  1. To answer the question in the title: depends on your budget and what settings/resolution you want to play at.

    To answer your second question: depends on what games you play.
  2. I play on 720p
    Games like crysis 3, far cry 3 and skyrim.
  3. Budget?
  4. I don't initially have the budget though. :/
    im just asking if you could think at it could be better to upgrade the video card first to HD 7770, with the processor celeron G1610
  5. Best answer
    I'd say definitely video card first and get a 7790 instead of a 7770 if you can afford it. Either one would be a huge improvement over the GT630
  6. Ahh, i will go to HD 7770 thank you for suggesting HD 7790 but the price is too high for me, so, HD 7770 it is. :D
  7. The 7770 should be able to play all three of the games you've mentioned @720p, enjoy :)
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