Silent cards, how do they handle heat?

I run the following Desktop:

Optiplex 780 Mini Tower for factor
Pentium E5800 Dual Core Wolfdale-based CPU ( FBS 800, Clock Speed 3.2 GHz stock)
4 GB of 1066 MHz of DDR3 RAM
255 Watt Dell Standard PSU
Standard Dell Motherboard
SB Audigy SE Sound Card
1600 x 900 HP Monitor

And the card of the thread...

Sapphire HD 5450 Silent GPU (HDMI, VGA, DVI) Running at PCIe 2.0 16x

The card runs fantastic at a clock of both RAM and CPU at 700 MHz. I can play Minecraft at 60FPS with Vsync and max settings except for View distance, which is at normal. A max 60 FPS on Battlestar Galactica with max settings. Totally silent with no fan, and low profile for those with smaller desktops. It handles individual monitors well, although it overscans both monitors when my HDMI is set up to my HDTV. All for 20$.

The problem that scares me is when I run a burn-in test the temperature rises slowly, slower the higher it gets. The highest I've gotten it is 68 degrees Celsius after 20 minutes of testing. Im afraid to leave it for a while because it does heat up slowly over time. Here's the question.

Do silent GPUs slowly stop heating up? The fan on my Optiplex doesn't change speeds at all but runs some air over the card. The temps do slow down but I don't know when. Also if possible is there any headroom for me to overclock the card any more than I have it already? Both the GPU chip and the RAM are at 700 MHz.
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    With the silent fanless gpus there is no guarantee that you are going to be able to keep the card cool. I would not recommend overclocking a fanless graphics card ever. They simply dont handle heat well, hence the fanless. They arent designed to take more heat. They also tend to do poorly in burn in tests as, again, they arent designed to take that much heat, it is fine for normal use.
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