high temp i5 2500k need advice

Hello everyone, I would like advices on how to reduce the temp on my cpu which reaches up to 75° C on bf3 (It's the only game which uses my cpu like that so all others games reach ~65C) , idle temp is 40/45° C, prime 95 tests show similir temp to bf3

My rig (2.5 year old except graphics card) is :
Case: CM 690 II advanced ( one 80 mm fan at bottom, one 140 mm front, two 140 mm on the upper )
MB:Asus p8p67pro
CPU: I5 2500k OC at 4.1 ghz vcore= 1.248 V , the cooler is a hyper 212+
Ram: 4x2 DDR3 at 1600 Mhz
Graphic card: two 7950 boost twin froz 3
PSU: Corsair Tx 750W V2

I've not properly cleaned any of my fans or components except grahpic cards in 2 years now, how many degrees would i gain by cleaning the cpu fan with compressed air?

I'm also new at overclocking OC but i guess reducing the vcore further is possible
Replacing thermal paste is a no go, i'm too worried about beginner mistakes on unscrewing everything etc

Thanks for your answers ! :)
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    Without knowing your Ambient temperature, Core temperatures of 75C are not too hot, but just so you know, 80C is, and 1.248 Vcore is not too high, but anything above 1.350 is. If you ran Prime95's default test, Blend, which is designed for testing memory stability, then you need to instead run Small FFT's for 10 minutes, which is the only test recommended for conducting a valid thermal test. You should test with case covers removed, and all fans at 100% RPM.

    Also, to better understand your processor temperatures and learn how to reduce Idle temperatures, please read the Sticky near the top of the Forum: Intel Temperature Guide -

    At 2.5 years old and without a cleaning, you've already answered your own questions about reducing temperatures. You can either take your rig into a computer shop and pay to have the work done, or you can Google YouTube videos to walk you through "How To" clean your rig.

    Regardless, the thermal compound under your Hyper 212+ has dryed. It needs to be removed, fans dismounted and the fins cleaned, thermal compound cleaned and reapplied, then the cooler reinstalled. I promise you, it's not at all a difficult task. Just mark the hardware with a Sharpie, snap some photos so you're clear on how it's assembled, and you'll be fine.

    To further improve temperatures, you can order from Cooler Master and install a second fan on the Hyper 212+ so that you have a push / pull configuration to increase airflow through the cooler.

    Hope this helps,

    Comp :sol:
  2. I don't really think there is a need for a how to clean tutorial, just get a can of compressed air at walmart and spray out the heatsinks, as long as you don't tilt the can more than 60 degrees you'll be fine.

    OR you could take the heatsink off, and use the can upside down for temporary nitrogen cooling, or whatever that chill stuff they put in there is ;)
  3. what cooler are you using, the stock heatsink if you are then that is the reason your temps are bad my 3770k on stock heat sink reaches 90 degrees on bf3 but on a after market air cooler it only reaches around 35
  4. The O.P. has stated that he's running a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus.
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