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I am confused between 3 laptops and cant decide which one shud i buy?
1. MSI GT Series GT70 2OC-065US
2. MSI GX Series GX70 3BE-007US AMD A-Series
3. Alienware ALW17-4682SLV

The sole purpose of laptop buying is medium to high end gaming like gta V, battlefield 4, crysis 3 etc. and at the same time is spending $200 extra worth on alienware as compared to msi gt70 however there is concern that since i have to move to india in future after sometime later so which is more reliable product?
I think both alienware and msi have their authorised service centers in india so, that wont be problem i feel still somewhat concerned.
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  1. u_gonna_squeal_b4_we_cookya said:
    MSI GT Series GT70 2OC-065US: MSI is a better brand and the i7 Haswell is probably the most power efficient CPU in its class. Your battery is going to last much longer than the AMD A10. Also, the Nvidia GTX 770m is a badass mobile GPU. This laptop is right up there with some high end PCs that cost as much as it.

    do msi laptops suffer from hardware problems? somebody told me that msi laptops because of lighter than dell have overheating problem
  2. ^^ +1

    Gaming in India with a laptop is a big no-no. Since temperatures here are pretty high 9 months a year , So unless you have Air conditioner on all the time while gaming you are in trouble! You will be better-off with a compact PC as suggested above.
  3. This depends on what you want.

    If you want to eke as much performance as possible from your system, the Alienware is slightly better. It supports BIOS CPU overclocking and has the option to disable Optimus. The AW's warranty is much better, but Alienware's customer service is a bit of a gamble outside the US. The AW also has a sturdier chassis.

    The MSI is often cheaper.
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