Here Again in need for some wise advices (GTX 760 or GTX 770)


I've been procrastinating a lot these days and i've posted twice already and i still can't decide.

So first i wanted to refresh my config -> pointless giving the gain i would get and the budget i have

Then, push the max budget for a GFX (GTX770) and i have seen this youtube video which gives a slight in game advantage to the GTX770 (10-15FPS) but it doesn't seem to be justifying the price difference. Especially, that i don't play games a lot. (CS:GO only where i want to play with highest settings though)

I have a 3D 24" screen dying as well. (Acer GD245HQ) and i soon need to replace it.

I have a korean screen 2560*1440 IPS RETINA and i must say i'm happy with it and any replacement of the dying one would be barely looked at.

So basically, here is the thoughts so far :

1) To buy GTX 760 with another Korean Screen
2) or a GTX770 and a crappy screen (another ACER GDsomething for design balance purpose on my desktop)

Option 1 would lead my configs to be the following :

PC 1 : GTX 760 2GB + N9800GT (display purpose for 3rd screen) + 2 Korean Screens 2560*1440 + Dying 1080p GD245HQ until it dies
PC 2 : ATI 7770 + another GD245HQ in good shape

Do you see any flaws in these configs ?

I don't do surround gaming, i just need a lot of working space for monitoring purpose and i want the GFX to be running fine for a few years.

The ATI 7770 doesn't perform well as main current card. It is slow and creates latency which i overhate. It is dued mainly to a desktop splitter which divides each 3 screens in 3 different working zones

Money wise, i can't afford a GTX770 + korean screen as i have an UPS to buy as well and then budget is dried for years to come.
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  1. Okay it seems about right, as if i would have told wrong statement, i'm sure somebody would have corrected me!
    I'm going to option 1 GTX 760 + Korean screen
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