Choice between 7950 + 16 GB of ram or 7970 + 8 GB of ram

The hd 7970 here is overpriced, but I could get it at the price of 8 more ram.

I video edit and render, and am planning to livestream, I'm sure 8 GB's will be enough until at least next year when I will make a quick and a cheap upgrade to upgrade my ram if I don't have 16.

The difference between the HD 7950 vapor - x and the hd 7970 Ghz edition is big enough for me to pay slightly " too much " for it.

Opinions will be nice.
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    Where do you live? I can point you to some great sale deals here in the UK: Ebuyer, Scan and aria all have 7970s for under £240.
    If your primary use is going to be render/video then get the 16Gb and HD7950, only go for the 7970 is you're really serious about gaming eye candy, of course, the final decision might be swayed towards the 7970 if its on sale ;).
  2. 7970Ghz and 8gb ram
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