i just got a brand new laptop from HP and its terible for browseing and cant play a youtube video with no lagg! what do i do?

windows 8,HP2000 laptop can barley load anywebsite and is terrible for any kind of video playback! ive tried to update drivers but its so confusing and it doesnt seem to do a thing! can someone please help me!! its been a month with this thing and im starting to lose my mind waiting like a min to load youtube and then not being able to watch the video beacause i cant even tell whats going on!
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  1. Is it the laptop or your internet connection?

    What kind of connection do you have? Cable/DSL/Fiber
    Wired or WiFi?
    What speed should you be getting from the ISP?
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    Sounds like it could be an internet connection... but you may also want to ensure you've upgraded to the latest video and audio drivers.
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